Data and visualizations below may become available through a self-serve user interface.

World Ranking Progressions

Visualize one or more athletes' world ranking progression(s) over time on a graph. See which races contributed to a rise or fall in the rankings.

Analyze teams or other subsets of athletes

Gain insights on specific groups of athletes - federations (depicted), age groups, 1500m pool time cohorts, etc. Look for correlations between athlete attributes and world ranking. Instead of GER, FRA, HUN, and ITA on the x-axis, imagine your national team's world rankings plotted for neutral vs rough conditions.

Compare Finish Place with World Ranking

See which races have a closer correlation between an athlete's place and their world ranking prior to the race. What does it mean if there's a strong correlation? What if there isn't? Also, easily identify over-performers (closer to the top left corner of this graph) and under-performers (bottom right) with respect to their ranking.

Report on individual and head-to-head results

See all race outcomes between any pair of athletes (top) from races that are included in the ranking. Also, easily pull a list of all results from a single athlete (bottom).

Analyze time differentials for a given set of athletes

See a particular athlete's finish time compared to a set of their competitors, and filter data shown based on the date, distance, and type of race. What does this tell you about their ability to finish strong down the chute, or to break away from the pack?